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Reunion photos of the Grand Rapids High School Class of 1961

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Pictures of 2002 Dinner.
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Francine Probst, Marilyn Kosola, Jane Murphy Alice Arseneau & Chuck Rund Carolyn Christensen, Denny Hagelee, Marlene Schultz, JoAnn Samsal, Jack Laudenbach Mary Desnoyers, Sharon Kauppi, Sue Pennala, Brad Pleimling Carole Janicke, Charlie Bentley, Katherine King, Ed Laverne
Carole and Phil Janicke Bill Nix, Tom Hogan, Roger Dahl Denny Hagelee,Nancy Peluso, Tom Hanna, Vicki Hanna (no relation to Tom) Jim Warner, Andy & Keith Tok Oops, you caught us Joanne & Ed laverne, Phil & Carole Janicke, Charlie & Barb Bentley, Katherine King, Chuck Rund
Barb Zatochill, Sharon & Brad Pleimling, Francine Probst, Marilyn Kosola Roger Dahl, Jack Laudenbach, Bill Nix Sharon Kauppi, Carole Janicke, Charlie Bentley, Katherine King, Phil Janicke, Barb Bentley Chuck Rund, Katherine King Tonni (Marlene) Schultz, Tom & JoAnn Hogan
Ginny Vikre, Charlie & Barb Bentley Barb Zatochill, Russ Richards Rosalie Craig, John Yurkovich Vicki Hanna, Jim Warner, Denny Hagelee, Nancy Peluso, Tom Hanna Andy and Keith Tok, Tonni Schultz
Mary Desnoyers, Bill Nix, Ginny Vikre Alice Arseneau, Jack & Myrna Laudenbach Ann & Cal Blakesley Marilyn Kosola, Joanne & Ed Laverne Sally Dahl, Chuck Rund, Alice Arseneau, Roger Dahl
Sharon Kauppi, Barb Zatochill, Carolyn Christensen, Jack Laudenbach Ginny Vikre, Jane Murphy, Sue Pennala, Mary Desnoyers, Alice Arseneau Ginny Vikre, Andy Peterson, Keith Tok, Barb Bentley, Phil Janicke Anne Blakesley, Jane Murphy Francine Probst, Russ Richards, Sue Pennala
Mary Desnoyers, Ginny Vikre, Jane Murphy, Sharon Kauppi leading the group with the cheer Mary Desnoyers, Alice Arseneau, Rosalie Craig


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