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Saturday $20.00 pre-paid $25.00 at the door.

Sunday $5.00 pre-paid $6.00 at the door.

Due to travel time and banking I must have your check by August 1st.

All pre-paid classmates will receive an awesome 50’s CD valued at $19.95.  Pay at the door and get squat.



                                    (cut and Send with payment)



Friday Night____     Yes– No         Guest___Yes- NO                $0

Saturday____           Yes–No          Guest____Yes- No              $20 each

Sunday ___               Yes– No         Guest____Yes-No               $5.00 each


Make your check payable to: Grand Rapids Class of 61

Mail your pre-payment to:

John Yurkovich – grhs61

86 Fairlake

Irvine CA 92614





We really need to get the funds early so we can plan for the correct amount of people. Plan now to attend. We have invited the class of 62 to share their 60th with us.  Please pass on the information to those youngsters.



Since all the golf courses will be involved in the Grand Slam on Saturday we are thinking of having a fishing contest or another activity for Saturday morning.  If any of you have suggestions please e-mail them to me ASAP so we can put the plan in motion.  More information to follow.

Please take a minute and check your information in the “Class Directory” and see if it is correct. Take some time and go through the site and e-mail me if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see.  It has been suggested that we have a few pages for pictures of family and grandchildren.  We are now getting close to 17,000 visits to the site so we know you guys come to the site often.  Please take a minute and leave a comment or two in the “Comments Section” it is the only way we know who has been there.

Pass the word on I know more classmates are on the web and have e-mail please have them register on the site.  We will not be sending any mailings out this year (we have no budget). 

If you have talked to any classmates that do not have access to the web and they are coming please forward the information to me.