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Pictures of Brock Yurkovich
Pictures of Brock Yurkovich.
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Ya, it is me, am I a handsome guy or what! Mom put this sweater around my neck, I can't wait to get it off
Nanny and me by my christmas tree I am not into food yet My first motor cycle ride, Wow
Am I being kept in or out? I have a lot of toys but no rocks Nanny does not like motorcyles, what is she doing? This is my new rock, what do you think? Boy, can I be serious
I love sand, it feels so good on my hands What's with this Old Navy stuff I really don't like haircuts I think Dad needs a new sign I hope this doesn't appear in my yearbook
I am the small handsome one Don't you wish you could just sit down when your tired of walking Sand box time is awesome I like this Nanny and me
Get serious guys I have learned how to pick it So when do I get a haircut I love nanny thats mom and dad
mom and me my pops loves me the shoes fits don't you think my hair is a mess dads always trying to get in the picture
someone has got to teach dad to swim the spa tickles my feet my belly is bigger than dad's I can throw really good can you hear me now
where did the rest of the rings go?