Faith Ellen Yurkovich

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I was born on 11-11-04!!
Make sure you put your mouse over the pictures and hold it still.

 I arrive

I am the first Yurkovich girl born since 1940.

It is now 2004 they say I am going to see amazing things in my life

I was born on Thursday November 11..I am very cute!!
I have an awesome wardrobe.
My room at home is totally awesome.

I am going to be a cutie watch me grow!!

I am happy to finally get here.

My first feeding

Daddy loves me

I was born on Thursday November 11, 2004.

I remember that the whole family was there to welcome me into this world. I was the first Yurkovich girl to be born since 1940.

I was a big baby over 7 pounds. Holy cow did they take the pictures, all I saw was flash,flash,flash. Everyone said how cute I was. They kept saying that I was perfect. I guess things aren't going change.

I am having so much fun, after all I am out of that dark place, and I should be having fun. I can't wait to start seeing things clearly. All I hear is "isn't she cute..she is just perfect..bla, bla, bla.

I can not wait to go home to my awesome room they have waiting for, pink, pink.

I think my brother Brock is in for a shock..I am going to be the center of attention for a while. Oh well, he has had his turn now it's my turn. Soon I will be able to spell and type so send me an e-mail and in a few years I will answer you.Faith Ellen Yurkovich.

  I clean up good

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