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Pictures of Rosie and friends
Pictures of Family
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Diane's baptism.  Now THAT's a hat! Diane at 9 months Newborn Tim One of my favorite pictures. 1966 My niece and nephew, Beth and David Beddoe.  Mom holding Tim (6 weeks old), and Dad holding Diane (19 months)
Tim at 5 months Tim 2, Diane 3 Tim 3, Diane 4 This was obviously the early 70's My BEST catch. It must have been a very sunny day by the looks of that nose.
Diane's graduation, 1983 1988 - John and Sandy, Mary Jo and Me Tim and Sarah, 1991 The day Emily was born, January 12, 1997 Austin chatting with Santa.
Anyone remember Moms Mabley? Tim, Sarah, Austin and Emily Tom's dad, we called him Grandpa Pops Emily's Birthday, 2003 My daughter-in-law, Sarah
Emily wants me to will these glasses to her. Emily and Austin Diane and Simon, 2005 My niece Maria and her kids Gracie, Rachel and Robert My in-laws 2004, Larry and Carol Rudesill, Jim and Mary Rafferty and Jerry and Gloria Rudesill
Austin, age 3 2004 Race For The Cure, Sarah, Kris, Mary, Me and Diane Maria and kids, 2005 My niece Kris and me in our matching shirts, Easter 2005 Race for the Cure 2009