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aka: Rosie, Rosiebud, Roatlie, Boserud, Bud, ROSITA and Grandma Rosie

Yah this is my site!!
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 Give me some time and I will figure it out..there are only two options

Hi, welcome to my website. Check out the photos on the following pages. Who knows, you just might be in one.

My motto is "Learn something new every day!!"

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Emily and Austin, Christmas 2003

We have a great time as our alter egos.. Oct. 2004

Race For The Cure, 2005. Our team of 23, The Pink Panters, raised $2,080!!

I was born on Wednesday September 15th, 1943.

I remember when telephones had no dials, no buttons and you had to talk to an operator. There was no such thing as an area code let alone a zip code.

I was raised in Grand Rapids, MN. Wish I could go back in time to the good old days

I am just putting up this site to save my name on the internet. If technology keeps going the way it is I think I may need this site some day.

I am going to put up a few pictures of me, my family and friends for the present time.

If you are not a friend of mine you should have clicked off this site by now. If you do know me and want to e-mail me click my name Rosalie Craig.

  My friends the committee

  2003 - Love that 60 Chevy!

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