Brock Michael

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Have a great Day..I am!!
Make sure you put your mouse over the pictures and hold it still.

 I think I will be a fish..I love the pool

It is now baseball and basketball season..It's hard..!

It is now 2009 they say I am going to see amazing things in my life.

Any of you know all the states and capitals, I do.!!
Do you know all the presidents, I do and I have known them for two years.

I am going to be Awesome watch me grow!!

I like to play in the sand.

This is an awesome rock

I like to spit out me food

I was born on Tuesday December 3rd 2002.

If I make some spelling errors give me a break I am just learning and I think I am doing good so far, learning the keyboard is hard. Learning the HTML was easy the spelling is hard because I had to teach myself. If I keep asking for help they will figure out what I am up to. Getting dad's credit card number for paying for this was a bit of a problem but I told them I needed it for putting gas in the car and he laughed and let me write it down, I also have some awesome toys coming.

I love sports and being outside. I am really good at basketball, baseball and soccer

If any of you smart kids out there have things that really work on messing up your parents minds please send me an e-mail as soon as you can type don't make the mistake I did and tell them and have them type it for you. Not too sharp but I was only four when I made that mistake. Brock Michael Yurkovich.

  Mom Dad and me on my second christmas

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