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  Grand Rapids High School 
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Class of 61

 Corinne, Dianne, Susan, Carolyn and Cyndie struttin' their stuff at half time.. check out those legs

"Let us know if you are planning to attend the winter get together in Las Vegas this year Feb. 26th through March 1st. ..
To register for our 2005 get-together  click here!

Updated for the 2006 /get-together.. September 22nd to the 24th

Mark your calendars today!!

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Boy were we young

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No good grooming awards today

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September 22nd - 24th are the dates of our 45th reunion in 2006. Plan to attend this year it would be nice to see all of the class again!! This year we are having our first Winter Mini reunion in Las Vegas Feb. 26th - March 1st. Let us know if you can attend.

The 2005 party was awesome. Friday night at the Sawmill Bar over 50 classmates and friends showed up. The room was filled with 50's music and stories of time gone by. It is the time of the year for sharing memories and being kept up to date with what is happening with old friends.

Saturday at Beier's..WOW..Pokegama lake was again transformed into the Hawaiian Islands. What a beautiful setting. The prime rib dinner was awesome. Having a few new faces this year was great. After the fireworks display provided by Sandi Beier, we just sat around the fire until early in the morning remembering the good old days and eating s'mores.

Sunday's brunch at the airport was a perfect ending to a fantastic weekend, great food. Dawnita did a fantastic job providing brunch and we had the whole airport to ourselves. Before you knew it we were saying goodbye until 2006.

Click on the "2006 Party" button and see what is planned for this year.

Take some time and visit the different pages of the site and enjoy your trip back in time to those carefree days. Back to "Double Dog Dare ya", "Sky King", "Mickey Mouse Club", and "Bandstand". Your trip may just take you back to when you were walking in the halls of good old Grand Rapids High. Make sure and visit the photo page and see your old friends.

Remember when the big decision was where you were going to hang out, the Goalpost, Mickey's, the Marlon, Batch's Pizza or the Broaster. Remember the Friday night dances at the Village Hall and the Bovey dances on Saturday? Where did the time go? Have 43 years passed us by already?

These yearly get-togethers have a way of making time stand still for a few days each year. Our faces may have changed, our bodies may have changed and our hair has definately changed but the class of 61's spirit has remained unchanged.

"May the party never end"

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