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Count all the ones that you remember

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A little test to see if you belong at the Reunion


Thank you for sending in more items to remember.   The list keeps getting longer, now up to 202 and growing.
Count all the ones that you remember, you will need to know your score.

1.  Candy cigarettes

2.  Wax Coke shaped bottles with colored water inside

3.  Restaurants with tableside juke boxes

4.  Blackjack chewing gum

5.  Noon Hour dances in the old Junior High gym

6.  Tap dancing lessons at The Alamo

7.  Newsreels before the movie

8.  Plaid Slacks (side zippers of course)

9.  Butch Wax

10. Telephone numbers with a word prefix like FAIRVIEW 6

11. Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles

12. Pom-Pom Pull-Away

13. We pinned our bra straps to our scoop neck blouse so they wouldn't show; now they wear them on the outside.

14. 45 RPM Records

15. 3-D Movies

16. Hi-fi's

17. Metal ice cube trays~~ with levers

18. Separate playgrounds at Central School - Boys on the East side and Girls on the West

19. Blue Flash Bulbs

20. Roller skate keys

21. Sen-Sen (the original "little black" breath fresheners)

22. Sack Dresses and Shirtwaist Dresses, (or as the song said "No Chemise Please")

23. Studebakers

24. Wringer washing machines

25. "Smith Brothers" cough drops

26. Reel~to~reel tape recorders

27. Tinker toys and Erector Sets

28. Neck Scarves and Furry Collars

29. 5 cent packs of baseball cards with a pink slab of bubblegum

30. Cinnamon toothpicks

31. Pop-it Beads ...come on girls, you all had them.

32. Duck tail (DA) and Flat-top Haircuts

33. The Spin and Marty Show

34. Red Rover - Red Rover

35. Cinch Belts

36. Girdles and garter belts to hold up your seam nylons

37. White Bucks and Black Flats

38. Crinolines & Hoop Skirts

39. Bermuda Shorts (always worn with knee high socks)

40. Black and White TV's with NO REMOTES

41. Sky King and Penny

42. The Shadow

43. Indian Joes Wigwam

44. Popcorn Wagon

45. Parking spots - the Cemetery, Isaac Walton Park, behind the Fairgrounds, Airport Road (got any more? Send in your secrets)

46. Slumber Parties

47. Brush rollers, Dipity Do, Pink Tape and hair nets (worn in public on Saturday)

48. Day-of-the Week Undies

49. Cardigan sweaters worn backwards

50. The Marlon, Mickey's, Goal Post and the Broaster (our hangouts)

51. Cateye Glasses for girls and horn-rimmed glasses for guys

52. Drive-ins and car hops

53. Pinetree Drive-In's Wed. night $1.00 per car load

54. The Midget Market (25 cents for a pack of cigs)

55. Mack's Shack - Best Burgers and 5 cent coffee

56. Blandin Beach

57. Car coats (to accommodate our crinolines)

58. Spit curls and Pixie, Bubble and Pageboy haircuts

59. Free Cartoon shows on Saturday at the Rialto

60. Ma Flemming in Study Hall

61. Dale Yelle

62. The "Jaycee" stamp at friday night dances

63. Ivy League buckles on back of your pants

64. Letter Sweaters

65. Engineer Boots

66. Pointed Bras (some, stuffed with tissue on Friday nights)

67. "I Led Three Lives"..What were the three lives of Herbert A. Filbrick?

68. Angora Sweaters

69. Running Boards

70. Homecoming buttons

71. Penny Candy

72. Kickerinos

73. Fender Skirts

74. Eating a Lolla Paluzza earned "I was a Pig at the Goal Post" pin

74. Nickel cokes

75. Bucket Purses

76. Coonskin Caps

77. National Geographic (the boys favorite magazine,Tom Roy bought a lifetime subscription)

78. "The Ed Sullivan Show"

79. "Your Hit Parade"

80. Storm coats (our mothers made us wear them because they were warm)

81. Going steady and wearing his ring on a chain or wrapped with lots of tape and worn on the middle finger

82. Air mail

83. 3 cent postage

84. Dimmer switchs for your headlights located on the floorboard

85. Brylcream ( a little dab will do ya )

86. Collecting Root Beer Mugs from A&W

87. Pete Ryan's mohawk haircut in 4th grade

88. Thin white belts

89. Cutting the belt loops off your Levis

90. Spinner hub caps

91. White wall tires

92. Schwinn Bikes (fat white walled speed..slow)

93. Bomb Shelters

94. Polio Vaccine (shots with needles)

95. Rear view mirror fuzzy dice

96. Hula hoops

97. Crusader Rabbit

98. Lauren Lampi's car with a Rumble seat

99. Pogo Sticks

100. Saddle Shoes

101. P.F. Flyers

102. Pea shooters

103. Howdy Doody

104. Green Stamps

105. The Fuller Brush man

106. The Fort Apache Play set

107. Lincoln Logs

108. 15 cent Maid Rite Hamburgers

109. 24.9 cent a gallon gas

110. Beanie and Cecil

111. Cork pop guns

112. Mimeograph paper

113. Teaberry chewing gum

114. Clove chewing gum

115. "Oly-oly-oxen-free" made perfect sense

116. Piano lessons (because everyone had a piano)

117. KDAL Bandstand, out of Duluth

118. Peroxide parties  (Remember the formula?.....   Peroxide, amonia & ivory flakes applied with a tooth brush)

119. Your choice of glassware when buying gas at the M&H station and they pumped the gas, washed your windows and checked the oil!

120. Dixie cups with little wooden spoons.

121. Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride as "Ma and Pa Kettle". Anyone remember how many kids they had?

122. Sgt. Preston and his wonder dog Yukon King.."On you huskies!!"

123. Red Ryder & L'il Beaver

124. Straight Arrow

125. Gangbusters

126. Mr.Keen - Tracer of lost persons'

127. Wild Bill Hickock & his pal Jingles with Buckshot and Joker

128. Wild Bill Elliot, Hopalong Cassidy, Allen Rocky Lane and his horse Black Jack

129. The Romance of Helen Trent, Wendy Warren and the News

130. Sat. Morning on KDAL "No School Today" with Big John & Sparky (The theme song - "The Teddy Bears Picnic")

131. Watching the submarine races with a date. (Uh huh, did anyone ever win the race?)

132. Remember putting things on lay-away at Latz's or Harbens?

133. Bug screens on the front of cars

134. Rubber band guns (cuting up inner tubes for ammo)

135. Holy buckets that's another one...Inner tubes for car tires

136. Starters on the floor, some under the gas pedal.

137. Black telephones with no dials or buttons to push.The operator would say "number please" and you gave her the number you were calling.

138. Dress codes in school. (Now, that's a novel idea)

139. B B guns (Daisy Pumps cost $9.95)

140. The Cisco Kid and Diablo.

141. Coffee tables with plastic flowers under glass

142. Chrome edged Tables with plastic covered chairs that farted air when you sat down in them.

143. Chrome 1/2 headlight covers.

144. Kit Carson and El Toro

145. Henry J and Kaiser-Fraser cars.

146. Louvered hoods and painted flames on the cars.

147. Real people pin setters in the Bowling Alley.

148. Captain May I.

149. The "Bathtub" Nash and Hudson cars.

150. Glass packs, come on guys.

151. Inter Sanctum

152. Friday nite fights from Madison Square Gardens.

153. Route 66

154. Sun visors on the outside of the windshield.

155. Playing "Packed Sardines" with the neighborhood gang

156. If you wore a black leather jacket, blue jeans (really low), white socks and loafers and you wore your collar up you were called a "hood".

157. Crew Cuts

158. Wax lips and mustaches.

159. My Little Margie.

160. The Millionaire.

161. Party lines.

162. The Amos and Andy show

163. Sweaters with fake fur collars.

164. Rolled up blue jeans and your Dad's white dress shirt tied at the waist and sleeves rolled up

165. Movie magazines like Photoplay and Silver Screen

166. Lash LaRue

167. Whip Wilson

168. The Cisco Kid and Poncho

169. Tom Mix and Tim Holt

170. Pat Butram's jeep "Nellie Bell"

171. Playing "Last Couple out"

172. "Knuckles Down Tight" Marbles

173. Mumble peg also called "stretch" usually played with a jack knife or your mother's best kitchen knife

174. Parking spot additions..Riverside Park and the construction site for the Don-Al addition (Thanks Cal!)

175. The HA-CAR addition .. State of the art prefab homes on the south side of town.

176. Kookie and Cricket from 77 Sunset Strip

177. Joe Friday from Dragnet .. "just the facts"

178. Craig Stevens in Peter Gunn who hung out at "Mothers"

179. Troy Donahue living on a houseboat in Surfside Six

180. Car 54 Where Are You

181. Naked City .. "8 million stories"

182. Perry Mason

183. The Untouchables

184. Hawaiian Eye

185. Bourbon Street Beat

186. The Defenders

187. Indian Burns..ouch

188. 78 RPM records

189. Coke bottles with the names of cities on the bottom

190. Ribbon candy

191. Angel hair on the Christmas tree

192. Zorro

193. kool ade right out of the little pack into your mouth..Mmmmmmmm

194. Rin Tin Tin and Corporal Rusty

195. Fuller brush man

196. The peanut Gallery

197. Calling out "Dibs" and "Shotgun"

198. The Honeymooners

199. The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

200. The Little Rascals and Pinky Lee.

201. Red Skeleton Show and Clem Kadiddlehopper and Freddie the Freeloader

202. Push lawn motors.

How many do you remember?  

If you remembered 100 or less:

Check with your doctor you are suffering from severe memory loss.  No need coming to the reunion you will not remember anyone.

If you remembered 101~130:

You probably never remembered your school assignments either.

If you remembered 131~160:

You probably played on the Football team and forgot to wear your helmet..

If you remembered 161 or more:

You're older than dirt and belong at the reunion…

Cancel all other plans for August 13thth through August 15thth come to the reunion see your old friends and have some fun.


By the way we are getting old……. spell check could not recognize the word Studebaker!!


If you have some suggestions to add to the list e-mail the webmaster.



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